Report: DUI arrest led to Gatenby's dismissal from KSTP


Rusty Gatenby's arrest on suspicion of DUI earlier this year led to the traffic reporter's dismissal from KSTP Monday, the Star Tribune reports.

The paper's gossip columnist, C.J., confirmed the cause of the termination with Gatenby after news broke of his abrupt departure from KSTP after more than 30 years on the job.

News of Gatenby's DUI arrest was listed in the Jan. 28 neighborhood newspaper, the Lakeshore Weekly, under the "South Minnetonka DUI Arrests" subcategory.

The arrest report – which listed Gatenby under his real name, Dennis Lloyd Gatenby – said he was arrested on Jan. 19 at 1:23 a.m.

Citing a South Lake Minnetonka Police Department incident report, C.J. said Gatenby's blood alcohol content was measured at .134.

Gatenby told C.J. he was very embarrassed by the situation, and that he's had a "clean record" his "whole life."

He also noted to C.J. that "right now, I haven’t been convicted of anything."

Gatenby, 53, posted a Facebook message about his departure from KSTP Monday, but did not cite any reason why he and the station parted ways.

Gatenby also reported on entertainment for KSTP, and he frequently appeared on the station's variety show "Twin Cities Live."

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