Reporter from MN interviews Aerosmith rocker stuck in snowstorm


Steven Tyler and his daughter, Mia Tyler, made it into a CNN reporter's live-shot Saturday when they were walking around New York.

Poppy Harlow – who was born and raised in Minnesota – was outside doing a report on the blizzard when they wandered by, Ultimate Classic Rock reports. 

The Aerosmith rockstar says in the interview that he and Mia were planning on going downtown, but the weather was "terrible."

And like many people who are facing the East Coast snowstorm, Tyler worries he might be stuck for a while.

"I have a funny feeling this storm's going to keep us here a couple extra days," he told Harlow.

But that's not getting the Tylers down. Mia revisits her childhood in the video and says that the weather reminds her playing in the snow with her dad.

And if that's not sweet enough, the rocker takes a little break from all the blizzard talk to give a special shoutout to his grandson Milo.

Tyler wraps up the interview with advice on how to get through the storm. Two simple words: Hot chocolate.

According to the CNN interview, the Aerosmith star did a spot on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, and he'll be on Howard Stern on Monday.

He's in the city to promote his upcoming solo album, Ultimate Classic Rock says.

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