Reports: Prince could be coming to big streaming services

You might be able to stream Prince (legally) somewhere besides Tidal soon.

Prince might be headed to Spotify and Apple Music. And there could be a big splash announcement of it during the Grammys.

That's from Bloomberg, which reported representatives for Prince's estate are closing in on a deal that would put the Purple One's music on major streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music. And they want to have a deal in place before the Grammys on Feb. 12.

Though Bloomberg also notes – because lots of people and parties are involved – things could quickly fall apart.

However, Billboard followed this up with a bit more info on the Grammys tie-in.

The site says the awards show is planning a big tribute to Prince, with names including The Weeknd, Rihanna and Bruno Mars all thrown around. There could also be an ad that runs during the Grammys, telling people some of Prince's catalogue is now on Spotiyf, Apple Music, and possibly other services.

Prince has had an exclusive streaming deal with Tidal.

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