Concert reviews: Dylan doesn't disappoint in Midway show


Legendary Minnesota-born musician Bob Dylan returned to St. Paul Wednesday night and like the night before in Duluth, he impressed local critics.

The show, attended by 14,000 in a jam-packed Midway Stadium, was the second of two Minnesota stops on his AmericanaramA Festival of Music tour, which also featured Wilco, My Morning Jacket and Richard Thompson.

"It turned out to be five hours of wordy songs, expressive solos and hipster cool -- whether you had tattoos and a craft-brew T-shirt or gray hair and sandals," wrote the Star Tribune's Jon Bream.

Bream noted that Dylan didn't live up to everyone's expectations (adding that he never does), writing that the icon's "stature as a songwriter is unimpeachable but his voice, at 72, remains an acquired taste. It’s hopelessly croaky and Wednesday, he sang with nuance and feeling but not much oomph."

Ross Raihala of the Pioneer Press also wrote that the show overall didn't disappoint, but noted some Dylan flaws. Raihala wrote that Dylan "followed his own muse" during his set -- "re-arranging classics like 'She Belongs to Me' and 'A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall' and rendering them almost unrecognizable in the process."

Dylan surprised the critics with his tribune to Fargo native and fellow music legend Bobby Vee, who gave the musician his first paying gig as a teenager.

Bream said Dylan relayed a story of how he'd been onstage with everyone from Mick Jagger to Madonna, but added that no one was more important than Vee, who was in the Midway crowd.

Dylan then proceeded to play of cover of Vee's 1959 regional hit "Suzie Baby."

"It was easily his most heartfelt vocal of the night — and as much of a surprise as a rarity," Bream wrote.

WCCO's coverage of the show included impressions of Dylan by his fans. See the video below.



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