Ron Perlman recalls fond memories of U of M, Guthrie


Years before actor Ron Perlman became a film and television star, he honed his craft as a stage actor in the early 1970s in Minneapolis.

The acclaimed actor, who graduated from the University of Minnesota with a Masters of Fine Arts degree in theater before going on to do some plays at the Guthrie, says his time in the Twin Cities no doubt helped shape his career.

"It was a stomping ground of mine for a few glorious years," Perlman told me during a recent interview for his new film, "Pacific Rim." "(I was at the U of M) from 1971 to '73 -- and was at the Guthrie during the Michael Langham reign."

Perlman said he read about "Sons of Anarchy" co-star Katey Sagal's recent "SOA" event in Minneapolis, but can't recall the last time he's been to Minnesota. Still, he said, he has plenty of reminders of his time in the Twin Cities around him.

"I sure have a lot of the guys who I went to school with are now part of the Hollywood community," Perlman said. "I stayed really good friends with most of the people I went to school with."

Perlman stars as Hannibal Chau in "Pacific Rim," a robots versus monsters fantasy where he plays a black market dealer of the remains of the creatures the humans are fighting. The film opened with an estimated $38.3 million at this weekend's box office for a third place finish.

Meanwhile, "Sons of Anarchy" begins its sixth season on FX Sept. 11.

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