'Rowdy party buses' force closure of popular Christmas lights display

Ryan Kasper-Cook was fed up with drunk visitors ruining the spectacle for everyone else.

What's happening?

Ryan Kasper-Cook has been running an annual Christmas lights show ever since buying his first family home in Minnetrista.

But this year's run is ending early, he announced on the Facebook page of his lighting company, Trista Lights.

Oh, that's a shame, why?

At its height, the display attracts as many as 500 vehicles a night, but it's also bringing some undesirable visitors to his neighborhood.

By undesirable, he means "rowdy party buses" and other unsociable revelers who have been using their horns and playing loud music during their visit.

How rowdy are we talking?

Speaking to KARE 11, Kasper-Cook says that loud, drunk guests have been getting out of the bus to view the lights, walking through neighboring yards and being "generally disruptive."

"Although our neighbors have been more than supportive and have not complained, we simply can not allow this type of chaos out of respect to our neighborhood," he wrote on Facebook.

He's planning on making some changes for next year "to prevent this from happening again."

So no more holiday lights shows?

Actually, there's still a chance you can see some of Trista Lights' handiwork.

Kasper-Cook built quite the reputation for spectacular shows, and he puts on several during the holiday season.

Three of those are in Illinois, but two are in Minnesota, at 3675 Arboretum Drive in Chaska and at the Sovereign Estate Winery in Waconia.

You can find more details here.

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