Royal disappointment: Prince absent for unveiling of new album


Despite some high hopes, the man of the hour at this weekend's "Three-Day International Dance Party" in Chanhassen, Minnesota, wasn't there for what was arguably its most important night.

The Labor Day weekend bash at Prince's Paisley Park studio complex was the public debut of the Purple One's new album, "HITNRUN," and some fans were hoping the music icon might perform some cuts off the new record.

But Friday, the first day of the party, passed without an appearance, and all Saturday brought was a brief cameo, during which Prince played a few chords on his guitar for about 90 seconds before disappearing again.

And while the fans got a preview of the new album over a sound system that is "way better than anything you have at home," the Star Tribune says, Prince was, again, absent.

Tickets to the Dance Party cost $40 each, though Prince never promised a performance (however, there was a DJ and plenty of live music).

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