Sales of Prince music and 'Purple Rain' DVDs are still really high

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In the wake of Prince's sudden death Thursday, the legendary artist's music sales quickly climbed – and they've pretty much stayed there.

Bestsellers on Amazon

(Note that Prince's music doesn't stream on Spotify, and he's been notoriously fickle about his tunes on YouTube – you need to subscribe to Tidal to stream his music legally.)

On Amazon, he still holds 17 of the top 20 spots for album sales (on Friday, it was 19 out of 20):

He's got 19 of the top 20 best sellers for individual digital songs:

And 16 of the top 20 best-selling digital albums:

'Purple Rain' DVDs sold out – still

The DVD of "Purple Rain" meanwhile? Still sold out (the standard, deluxe, and Blu-Ray versions), with the item coming in as the No. 1 best-seller in movies and TV category last Friday.

At Target, a lot of locations were sold out, and you can't buy it online to be shipped. The standard fullscreen version on Best Buy was backordered.

Billboard charts

Billboard says Prince will take No. 1 and 2 on the newest Billboard 200 Albums chart (set to be released Tuesday) – in the top spot is "The Very Best of Prince," with the "Purple Rain" soundtrack right behind it.

It'll be the fifth time Prince is No. 1 on that chart – the first time since 2006, when "3121" came out. He'll also be the first act in more than a decade to hold the top two spots.

(Note: The rankings are a collection of traditional album sales, plus online streaming and digital track sales.)

iTunes still strong, but Beyonce comes in first

The iTunes charts showed similar figures Friday – but on Monday, the songs were overtaken by tracks off Beyonce's "Lemonade," which dropped over the weekend. Here were the top single songs Monday:

And the top albums:

Google searches

Google searches can also show us how much interest there is in a person.

At one point Thursday, 29 percent of all Google searches were for "Prince."

You can see how quickly word of his death spread. At 11:12 a.m., search interest for Prince was pretty minimal. That was just a few minutes before the story of a medical emergency at Paisley Park broke.

Just over an hour later, searches for Prince had skyrocketed as word of his death got out.

A lot of it was coming from the U.S., but you can see there were people Googling for information around the world.

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