Search for 'Dork' the elusive emu captivates Minnesota town

Locals have been sharing sightings, and even creating T-shirts about the bird.

The search is on for a 6-foot, 120-pound loved one who has been on the lam since April.

No, it's not a missing human, but an emu by the name of Dork who escaped his pen at his home owned by Becker citizen Tom Berry six months ago and has been on the run ever since.

That's not to say he hasn't been seen. In fact, sightings of Dork have been so frequent that he's become a local celebrity, with the community sharing photos and even creating t-shirts about the beloved bird on the Dork the Emu Facebook page.

They're sharing tips on how to catch him as well, because despite staying in the area since escaping, emus are fast and efforts to bring him home have proved futile.

As Becker police chief Brent Baloun told KARE 11, it would be quite the task to chase him around.

“It would be kind of like the keystone cops, I hate to say it," he said.

As the Sherburne County Citizen reported back in April, Dork escaped when high winds dropped a tree branch on the fence around his enclosure.

Since then he's been seen trotting along roadways and in fields. But whenever approached, he'd immediately run away, camouflaging himself into the trees and shrubs.

Kelly Dombroske posted in the Facebook group she chased Dork for 2 hours in Big Lake on Thursday.

At one point, a man managed to get a rope around him only for Dork to pull out of it.

"We gave it our best shot. Sorry guys. We were frozen, no jackets," she wrote.

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