Seeds of a new marriage planted among State Fair crop art


Even when seeds are glued into a picture frame and hung on a wall, things can still sprout from them.

Things like a marriage, for example.

The Pioneer Press has the story of Bryan Kennedy, who had learned in discussions with his girlfriend, Betsy Gilbertson, that she would not be keen on the idea of wearing a big engagement ring.

So when he steered her toward the crop art exhibit on opening day of the 2015 Minnesota State Fair Thursday, she came face-to-seed with an image of a diamond ring (above) and the question "Hey, Betsy -- Here's a ring you don't have to wear. Will ya? -- Bryan."

Betsy accepted as bystanders applauded, the newspaper says, explaining that a co-worker of Kennedy's with experience in the art form planted the idea of the proposal-by-seed and his wife volunteered to put it together.

This year marks the golden anniversary of the State Fair's first crop art exhibit.

A puppet show paying tribute to Minnesota's most famous practitioner of the craft, Lillian Colton, is being presented three times a day. There's also a celebration of the kitsch of crop art on Sep. 2.

As usual, there's a bumper crop of delightfully corny art this year.

Earlier this week, the Pioneer Press profiled Darlene Thorud of Bloomington, who has had entries in all 50 of the Fair's crop art exhibits.

FOX 9 ventured inside the studio of a crop artist for a glimpse of how it's put together.

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In case you're inspired to try your hand at crop art, the website has suggestions on where to buy some of the exotic seeds used in the creations (only seeds that will actually grow in Minnesota can be used in a State Fair piece).

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