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Video: Seth Meyers had a 'wonderful evening' at Minneapolis 'Queer Bomb' party


"It's a lot more fun when the bar you go to is being queer bombed," is apparently one of the discoveries Seth Meyers made during his recent visit to Minneapolis.

Meyers, the host of NBC's "Late Night with Seth Meyers" talk show, shared an anecdote on his program Thursday talking about his night out. (A warning: It does have some PG-13 language in it.)

He performed at the State Theatre on Saturday, June 6, and afterward went back to his hotel bar with some friends to have a drink.

And that's when he walked into a "Queer Bomb."

Now, those aren't Meyers' words – it's actually the name of a monthly LGBTQ "flash mob dance party" put on by Flip Phone Minneapolis. (The group also hosts monthly dance parties in Northeast Minneapolis themed around the 1996-2006 decade – the flip phone era.)

The way it works is pretty simple.

"LGBTQ and their friends take over a Minneapolis straight bar for a night. It's a night where EVERYONE is welcome," a previous iteration's Facebook page says. "It's our chance to take-over a bar that you may not otherwise visit."

The Queer Bomb parties started in March, the Star Tribune reported, and are inspired by a similar campaign on the east coast.

The location isn't publicized until the day before it happens however.

On Saturday June 6, it just happened to be at Marin Restaurant and Bar – where Meyers and his buddies went for a drink.

And they apparently had a good time, according to Meyers' final words from his on-show anecdote.

"Thank you to everybody at that wonderful evening that was a delight," he said.

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