Severe storms battered southern Minnesota early Friday

The severe thunderstorms preluded very heavy snow.
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This monster storm system is packing a punch both with severe thunderstorms and blizzard conditions. 


Minnesotan braced for potentially historic snowstorm

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With temperatures warm enough to support thunderstorms, a line of severe wind-producing storms raced through southern Minnesota on Friday morning, causing damage and power outages in Rock County. 

The storm produced wind gusts of nearly 80 mph and knocked down power lines along Hwy. 75. 

This photo shows just how wild and crazy this storm system is, with areas in southern Minnesota Friday morning being in a blizzard warning and a severe thunderstorm warning at the same time. 

Screen Shot 2018-04-13 at 12.44.37 PM

Winds were strong enough in Luverne, southwest Minnesota, to take a piece of wood and drive it through the roof of a barn. Here's a photo tweeted by WCCO meteorologist Matt Brickman, sent to him by the Rock County Star Herald. 

Most Minnesotans impacted by this storm will feel its oomph when the rain changes to snow later today and overnight through Saturday, all the way through Sunday morning. 

Whiteout conditions are likely in west-central and southwest Minnesota, kind of like what central South Dakota is already experiencing in the photo below.

Eight to 15 inches with localized amounts of up to 20 inches are possible. 

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