She forgot about her lottery ticket, then won $22.8M

Debbie Kujava bought the ticket almost as an afterthought at a gas station.
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Dennis, Denise and Debbie Kujava.

Dennis, Denise and Debbie Kujava.

A family from a small town near the Canadian border are now worth $22.8 million.

The Kujava family of Badger, Minnesota came forward on Monday as the winners of the life-changing Lotto America sum, giving a press conference at the Minnesota State Lottery HQ.

The $7 bundle ticket was bought almost as an afterthought by Debbie Kujava, 54, as she stopped at a Holiday gas station in Roseau a week ago.

"I bought it and stuck it in my pocket and forgot about it, pocket's unzipped, whatever, could've lost it," she said.

She finally remembered about the ticket on Thursday morning, when she checked her lottery tickets against the results on her phone.

"I looked again and I looked again and I looked again, turned off my phone and I looked again," before phoning her brother Dennis to tell him: "I think we're millionaires!"

"Yeah, right," was his response.

Debbie and Dennis had a pact that they would share any lottery win evenly – and Dennis is giving his half to his two daughters.

One of these daughters, Denise, was the person who figured out they'd won $22.8 million – after they initially thought their win was around $2 million.

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