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Shorts weather this weekend followed by a big storm

Heavy snow and rain is possible early next week.

First comes a heatwave and then a storm. 

That's the scenario the National Weather Service expects to unfold across Minnesota over the next handful of days. 

High temps in the Twin Cities on Saturday and Sunday are forecast to be 44 degrees each day, but longtime WCCO radio meteorologist Mike Lynch wrote on Facebook that "we could easily hit 50 degrees or better" both days this weekend. 

Naturally, the most Minnesota thing ever would be to follow shorts weather with a big ole storm, and that's exactly what Mother Nature is fixing to do, apparently. 

"It definitely looks like it has some oomph to it as areas of heavy snow could fall somewhere across the Upper Midwest along with showers and thunderstorm on the warmer side," Paul Douglas wrote in his blog late Tuesday night."

The NWS summed up the looming storm as "too early to tell if we`ll see mostly rain or snow, or some combination of the two."

But MPR's Paul Huttner wrote in his Updraft blog that the latest models print out rain for southern Minnesota and snow up north.

Exact locations in line to get hit could change over the next 4-5 days, but the NWS says it is "confident that it will bring precipitation to the region early next week." 

We'll definitely keep an eye on this as we get closer, but make sure you pull your shorts out of the moth balls because you might want them this weekend. 

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