Since her mayoral reign ended, Betsy Hodges has taken the fight to Twitter trolls

The former mayor of Minneapolis isn't carrying the weight of the office on her shoulders.

No longer feeling the weight of the office on her shoulders, former Minneapolis mayor Betsy Hodges seems liberated on social media.

You might have noticed it if you follow her on Twitter, where she's now becoming a bit of a badass.

"I'm no longer mayor and my social media options have expanded," she wrote on Jan. 4.

While mayor, Hodges was known for her inspirational quotes, followed by her trademark double-hashtag of #quote #quotes.

She's kept the quotes since leaving office, but gone is the level of diplomacy she showed while representing a city of 300,000-plus people.

A popular target for trolls during her tenure, the first indication she wasn't going to take any more harassment emerged in the days following New Year, as she handed over the reins to Jacob Frey.

Initially she responded to a Twitter user who referred to her as "good old Betsy" by sending him a link for a therapist. And when he objected to her reply, she informed him he was about to be blocked.

A day later, she pointed out the racism of another Twitter user – and promised another addition to her "block list."

This response meanwhile comes across as polite and conciliatory, but when read in the context of the commenter's message, is dripping in sarcasm.

And beware if you message her henceforth, she'll correct your spelling and grammar.

After a few days' interlude – aside from the usual inspirational quotes and a shared Onion article (which we definitely get behind) – there was another addition to the block list on Thursday.

Even when she was mayor, Hodges pulled no punches with President Trump on social media. Thursday was no exception after it emerged he'd referred to African and Caribbean nations as "s--tholes."

Except this time she went further, so it looks like Trump won't get to see any of her #quote #quotes.

And finally she explains her new attitude to the mostly-dumpster fire that is Twitter.

If you want to see for yourself, her Twitter handle is now just @BetsyHodges rather than the previous @MayorHodges.

And if taking down trolls isn't your thing, you can expect plenty of references to Die Hard, Star Wars and quotes from the likes of Neil Gaiman and Marie Curie to fill your Twitter feed.

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