Single digit temps, worse wind chills – it's the first really cold day of this Minnesota winter

Some people got to deal with single digit temps already.

It's basically an unofficial Minnesota holiday: The first extremely cold day of winter.

You can "celebrate" by complaining about it with coworkers as soon as you get into work (with a few choice swear words tossed in for good measure, like we opted for here at GoMN). 

You may even have the extra bonus of not having realized how cold it actually was before leaving home, so didn't wear the right winter coat/gloves/scarf combo. (We've all been there.)

Just how cold has it gotten?

We'll undoubtedly see worse this winter, but it's been pretty cold.

The Twin Cities area was at about 19 degrees this morning, with a wind chill of 5 degrees. 

Cold, yes. But Alexandria's further down:

Worthington doesn't seem fun either:

Nor does Bigfork:

Even worse, Fergus Falls Airport:

Or Grand Marais:

But the winner?

The coldest straight up temperature we found on this National Weather Service round-up was minus 8 degrees – that was in Hallock at 7 a.m.

Here's a look at some more wind chills from around the state, courtesy of the National Weather Service Twin Cities.

Expect the same Friday

This cold swing isn't leaving us after Thursday. 

Expect more low temps on Friday thanks to some Arctic air that decided to head south for a bit – though maybe a smidgen warmer than Thursday.

We should get some relief for a week or so, before another frigid blast comes back to hit us again. Check out some forecast details here.

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