Snapchat copycat: Instagram has face filters now too

Instagram just keeps closing the gap with Snapchat.

The biggest thing missing from Instagram's stories, keeping it from truly being a Snapchat clone, was those fun face filters.

Well, not even that gap exists anymore.

Instagram introduced crowns, rabbit ears, a mustache, and even floating math equations (???) as it rolled out a new face filter feature.

There are eight to start. When you're in your Instagram camera, you'll see a new little face button on the bottom right of the screen. (You've gotta update the app if you haven't yet.)

And like the Facebook stories, you don't have to tap-hold scan your face for it to register. Just open it and go.

The face filters also work with Boomerang (which is actually pretty cool), and you can send it directly to your stories/DMs/normal feed as usual.

There's a rewind camera and eraser now too

Instagram also introduced a few more features.

One is a rewind camera. Take a video and it'll play it in reverse.

Then there's a new eraser brush, to use when drawing on your photos.

And there's a hashtag sticker now – it'll let you write whatever you want afterward.

So many stories

One recent study found Instagram has more active users posting to stories than Snapchat – but it also has three times as many overall users.

It also found Facebook – the most recent addition to the stories phenomenon – isn't used much yet, but people like the possibilities.

And Snapchat, that's still most popular with 18- to 29-year-olds.

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