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Somebody stole Prince's (puppet) head

"His buddy David Bowie misses him!"

Someone stole Prince's head.

Not Prince's actual head, but the head of a puppet that was created to commemorate the late artist.

The full Prince puppet made an appearance during All Souls Night in Duluth Friday – and at some point during the celebration, his head disappeared. It hasn't been seen since.

Mary Plaster, the longtime artist who created it, wrote on Facebook that the Prince puppet was going to do "more important justice work" with the Together For Youth GBLTAQI programs around Minnesota.

The Prince puppet (which is 8 feet tall in total) was created at the request of Black Lives Matter for the Minneapolis MayDay Parade, she wrote. Here's a photo of it – it was made with papier-mâché and cloth.

"His buddy David Bowie misses him!" Plaster said in her plea for help on Facebook. "If you want to return him anonymously you can leave him back at the Duluth Depot, no questions asked!"

The Prince head is about 2 feet tall and 18 inches wide. Here's another look at it:

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