Someone's filming a movie in the MN town from 'Grumpier Old Men'

Stars include "American Horror Story" and "Fargo" actors

The camera seems to love Marine on St. Croix, a tiny, bucolic town about 30 miles northeast of the Twin Cities.

For a city of about 700 people, it's had a lot of movies filmed there, and the latest is "The Wagon." 

It's a short from local filmmaker Gayle Knutson, and its stars include Jamie Brewer of American Horror Story, and Bruce Bohne – who you might know as Frances McDormand's good-natured police partner in Fargo

According to the Country Messenger, "The Wagon" is a drama about a young woman named Claire and her Aunt Francis, both of whom learn some life lessons when Claire "pursues her simple dream of saving money for a red wagon."

The Pioneer Press says the short – which started shooting this week – is filming "in and around town," but a lot of the shooting has happened at the Marine General Store. 

It's forced some of the store's regulars to wait a few minutes "in between takes" to buy groceries, but a few of them got to appear in the film as extras for their trouble, the paper says. 

The shop, which dates back to 1870, claims to be the "oldest general store in Minnesota, and was just one of several local shooting locations in "Grumpier Old Men"

The Country Messenger says "The Wagon" will premiere in Minnesota in 2018. 

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