Son of Bob Dylan's closest confidant trying to finish father's memoir


The son of one of Bob Dylan's closest confidants is trying to raise money to finish a memoir on the man's time with the Minnesota-born music icon, City Page reports.

Jacob Maymudes, the son of Dylan's early road manager and close friend Victor Maymudes, fell $20,000 short in his Kickstarter campaign to raise $45,000 to self-publish the memoir, a move to maintain creative control.

"Even if you've read every single Bob Dylan biography, you've never heard stories from the inner circle -- stories that blow me away," Jacob Maymudes says in his Kickstarter video pitch.

According to Rolling Stone, Victor Maymudes signed a $100,000 deal with St. Martin's Press to write the memoir in 2000, and subsequently recorded 24 hours of his recollections on tape. He died, however, of a sudden brain aneurysm in 2001 in the midst of writing the book.

The publication said Victor Maymudes joined Dylan's inner circle in 1961 and was unofficially his road manager and "all-purpose best friend/sidekick" through the entire decade. After nearly 20 years apart, Maymudes returned to Dylan in 1988 as a road manager on the musician's Never Ending Tour for 12 years, but left again after a reported personal spat in 2000.

Jacob Maymudes told Rolling Stone that the memoir will retrace his father's entire history with the musician. The younger Maymudes -- who has been in possession of his father's tapes for the past 12 years -- said his dad first met Dylan in New York at the West Village Gaslight club.

See the pitch video from Jacob Maymudes' expired Kickstarter pitch below.

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