Sorry, Ellen DeGeneres is not actually in Minneapolis – but Portia de Rossi was

She shared a photo from a local hotel, but isn't here. Here's what's actually going on.
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It seemed like Ellen DeGeneres was in Minneapolis.

The talk show host gave a big shout-out to Minneapolis' Hewing Hotel for this heart-shaped bed decor (that looks like it's made of Pringles, but isn't).

As DeGeneres clarified in a follow-up tweet, those are actually rose petals. Not chips.

She also thanked Emily Lushi, the hotel's director of operations.

But – the beloved Ellen wasn't actually here.


Hewing Hotel's exclusive rooftop opens to the public

The rose petals were apparently a surprise for her wife, actress Portia de Rossi, who stayed at the Hewing Hotel earlier this week, a spokesperson for the hotel's parent company told GoMN.

"Ellen was not there with her but we were thrilled to see Ellen acknowledge the hard work of the hotel's team," the spokesperson continued, adding they aren't sharing any more details.

De Rossi also stopped into the Herbivorous Butcher.

Which is all very sweet. 

But leaves fans like these just a bit disappointed.

The Hewing Hotel was of course thrilled:

And made it clear they'd love to be Degeneres' home if The Ellen Show ever tapes in the Twin Cities.

De Rossi made news this week when she publicly shared a story about auditioning for Steven Seagal, in which he unzipped his pants during their meeting.

Reps for the actor haven't been responding to requests for comment, Vanity Fair says.

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