Spook Central; Anoka store claims to be haunted just in time for Halloween


With Halloween right around the corner, an Anoka store is claiming to be haunted.

WCCO reports that employees of Party Papers reported seeing an apparition of a female figure inside the store. The business owners contacted the Twin Cities Paranormal Investigators to take a look.

TCPI is a not-for-profit organization that serves the greater Twin Cities Metro area. The group, which is made up of both believers and skeptics say they are dedicated to the research, investigation, documentation and education of the public regarding paranormal phenomenon.

The organizations website reports that they have conducted several investigations around the greater Twin Cities Metro area since March. Most of the investigations have taken place at private residences from Hutchinson to Rush City to Minneapolis.

According to the report employees of Party Papers also claim to have seen a bunch of items knocked to the floor, as if they were thrown by an unseen hand. Employees also say they see a man who appears to be shoveling a sidewalk.

The report indicates that TCPI investigators were able to gather audio evidence of strange knocking inside the building.

The building has been around since 1916, it has housed a number of businesses over the years. Workers believe the woman they see in the back of the store used to work at Clements Confectionary, while they believe the man shoveling is from when the location used to be Main Motors.



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