Spring snow doesn't stop Minnesota golfer, whose video has gone viral

Jessie Roscoe wasn't about to let a bit of snow stop him hitting the course.
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The Masters has started and that means golf season is back.

The only problem is nobody told Minnesota, much of which was buried under another half-foot of snow this past weekend (and with more to come).


Winter storm could drop up to 8 inches of snow on Sunday

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But the most ardent of golfers aren't deterred from getting out onto the course by a little bit of weather.

Take shorts and t-shirt clad Jessie Roscoe, for example, who on Tuesday posted this video of him teeing off at Ortonville Golf Course, on the Minnesota border with South Dakota.

"Tough conditions out here today in MN but it’s Masters week so it’ll take a lot more than a little snow to keep me from enjoying a few rounds," Roscoe, whose Facebook page lists him as the superintendent of the golf course, wrote.

He gets extra points from us for throwing some snow in the air to test wind direction, and the little shuffle pre-shot as he plants his feet.

The video has gone viral, being viewed more than 300,000 times as it shows the world that come rain, wind or snow, Minnesotans are always game for golf.

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