Springsteen fan of ailing former Replacements guitarist

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Apparently iconic rocker Bruce Springsteen is a big fan of former Replacements guitarist Bob "Slim" Dunlap.

The Boss praised Dunlap in an interview with National Public Radio Thursday when talking about the sort of music he listens to.

"Slim Dunlap is fantastic," Springsteen told interviewer Ann Powers. "He was a part of The Replacements and he made two fabulous rock records that were just really, deeply soulful and beautiful."

Springsteen appeared to be unaware in the interview that Dunlap suffered a debilitating stroke in 2012.

"Yeah I don’t know what his health condition is at the moment but I know some folks were cutting some things of his," Springsteen told Powers. "I hope I get a chance to cut one of his songs because he’s, it’s just, this stuff, check out the two Slim Dunlap records because they’re just so beautiful, they’re just beautiful rock ‘n’ roll records. I found them to be deeply touching and emotional."

In an effort to help their former band mate, The Replacements in November released the two-CD set "Rockin' Here Tonight: A Benefit Compilation for Slim Dunlap."

The 28-song compilation included the four songs The Replacements did for the benefit EP “Songs for Slim” in June 2012, benefit singles by the likes of Jeff Tweedy, Vanessa Carlton and Jakob Dylan, and 10 previously unreleased tracks.

The Star Tribune suggested that former Replacements manager Peter Jesperson and the label for the benefit CD would probably resume the "Songs for Slim" singles should Springsteen end up cutting one of Dunlap's tracks.

The NPR interview isn't the first time Springsteen recognized Dunlap in a feature. In USA Today in 2008, the musician revealed that Dunlap's "Hate This Town" was among the tunes on his iPod.

Springsteen's latest album, "High Hopes," was released Tuesday.

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