St. Paul approves $4 million to bring organized garbage collection to city streets

It's finally getting organized trash collection.
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What is currently a pain in the backside for St. Paul residents will become a whole lot easier this October.

St. Paul City Council approved on Wednesday a $4 million program that will bring organized garbage collection to the city.

Currently, St. Paul doesn't provide a garbage collection service, with residents having to instead contract a private hauler to take their trash away.


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This has been the way things have been done since the '70s, but that will end as of Oct. 1.

St. Paul is spending $4 million to buy a lidded, wheeled trash can for almost every property in the city, after a vote was approved 6-0 at the Wednesday meeting.

It follows the city in November entering an agreement with a consortium of the city's current trash haulers to provide an organized, citywide service.

According to the Pioneer Press, residents will be informed of the changes through mailers next month, and will be expected to tell the city about their cart size and service level by June 1.

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