St. Paul house featured in 'Grumpy Old Men' for sale


For $195,000, fans of the 1993 Minnesota-made hit "Grumpy Old Men" can land a big part of the movie's history.

The Pioneer Press reports the house Jack Lemmon's character lived in -- a 1914 bungalow on Hyacinth Avenue East in St. Paul -- is up for sale.

The house, according to the paper, was only used to exterior shots, however. The interior shots in the movie were filmed elsewhere.

The current owners of the residence tell the Pioneer Press' Chris Hewitt that while the 1,460-foot interior of the house has been remodeled, the exterior of the home hasn't changed much.

The house is definitely a novelty in the area. Kaci Nowiki, who owns the house with her husband, Jared, tell Hewitt that last fall, "some college-age boys came and they had props with them -- fishing poles and stuff -- for the pictures they took."

The movie location website site I Am Not A Stalker features the house and other houses in the neighborhood used for filming.

Shot entirely on location in Minnesota, "Grumpy Old Men" starred Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau as a pair of long-time feuding neighbors whose rivalry intensifies as they vie for the affection of an attractive new neighbor (Ann-Margret) who moves into the neighborhood.

Written by Hastings native Mark Steven Johnson, the film spawned the 1995 hit sequel, "Grumpier Old Men," which starred Lemmon, Matthew, Ann-Margret and Sophia Loren.

Like its predecessor, "Grumpier Old Men" was also shot entirely in Minnesota.

See the original movie trailer for "Grumpy Old Men" below.

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