St. Paul woman's spill down snowy staircase caught on camera

The face she pulls after her fall is priceless.
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Conditions were treacherous underfoot this weekend in the Twin Cities, as this video from Kala Cook shows.

The St. Paul resident shared the footage below to Snapchat and Facebook on Sunday, which she initially recorded on her phone to show her family in northern Minnesota the foot-and-a-half of snow that had fallen in the Twin Cities.

After remarking that she was bundled up a la Randy in "A Christmas Story," Cook's snowy experience took a turn for the worse as she slipped down a full flight of steps.


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You've got to give her credit, she held on to that phone the whole time, even managing to look into it a few times on her way down.

Her shocked expression at the end is priceless.

Fortunately she wasn't injured – all those layers and soft snow prevented anything more serious than embarrassment.

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