Star chef Paul Berglund is joining popular Twin Cities restaurant group

He left the Bachelor Farmer in August.

The award-winning chef who left the Bachelor Farmer last month is returning to the Twin Cities food scene. 

Paul Berglund said he planned to stay in Minneapolis when he left the Bachelor Farmer, but didn't say what he'd be doing. 

Now we know. He'll be the culinary director at Vestalia Hospitality, the group behind Young Joni, Pizzeria Lola and Hello Pizza, according to a news release.

Ann Kim, who co-owns Vestalia, said in a statement that since they've got three restaurants, it doesn't make sense to just have her in charge of everything that involves food. 

That's where Berglund comes in. 

He'll lead Vestalia's culinary operations, with a focus on quality and consistency; developing the menu; coming up with new concept collaborations; and helping mentor senior kitchen staff. 

Kim says this doesn't mean the menus or visions for Young Joni, Pizzeria Lola and Hello Pizza will change, but it does mean there will be a "new set of eyes to help us raise and push the bar in terms of culinary excellence."

Kim calls bringing Berglund in an "investment in and commitment to leadership," noting he's "an excellent mentor" and a "very talented chef." 

Berglund said in a statement that Vestalia's "people-first culture" drew him to the job, adding that the position gives him the chance to "flex the skills that I want to improve on, and learn other skills that I don't currently have." 

In a tweet, Berglund said he's "proud and excited for this next chapter!" 

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