State Fair cuts the price of Usher tickets in half

Is his lawsuit scandal affecting ticket sales?

It seems like the Minnesota State Fair might be having trouble selling tickets for one of this year's biggest acts.

Tickets to Usher's Grandstand performance on Thursday, Aug. 31 were originally $97 for general admission, or anywhere from $72-$87 for mainstand reserved seating. They went on sale on May 5.

Then a few weeks ago, the fair was offering $20 off a general admission ticket, Mix 108 says.

Now the fair has made the deal even sweeter with a buy-one-get-one type of offer. If you buy more than one Usher ticket, they're half price ($48.50, before fees).

The half-price deal is good until Aug. 23, and you can buy up to 12 tickets.

Why aren't people buying Usher tickets?

Usher is undeniably a superstar in the music world, and has had a successful career for more than two decades now.

His first album, Usher, came out way back in 1994 when he was 14 years old. It hit No. 25 on the Billboard Top R&B/Hip Hop Albums chart. Since then he's doled out hit after hit, with 75 million albums sold worldwide and eight Grammy wins.

So why isn't his State Fair show sold out already?

When another big-name performer, Katy Perry, had a tough time selling out her latest tour earlier this year, Razor Gator said slow ticket sales generally have something to do with the venue, ticket prices, the artist, or a combination of all three.

The venue certainly doesn't seem to be slowing sales for other Grandstand performers – Sam Hunt, Toby Keith, and Pentatonix all have only limited seating left. And the Star Tribune says the fair is on track to break last year’s record grandstand attendance, so people are definitely interested in seeing a show there.

When it comes to ticket prices, Usher does have some of the highest (before the latest promotion.) On the other hand, the best seats at Toby Keith were more expensive, and they still sold out.

So that leaves artist factors. The 38-year-old performer's last album did pretty well, and he has a ton of hits, so the "hype" doesn't seem to be an issue.

But the R&B singer has been caught up in a bit of controversy as of late, after being sued by a series of women and one man for having sex with them and not disclosing his herpes condition. Usher paid out over $1M to settle one of the suits.

Whatever the reason, fans who bought tickets at full price are not amused by the new discount.

"Super rude for people who paid full price for the same tickets," one person commented on the fair's Facebook page.

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