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State trooper 'blood run' saved the life of one of their own

If the troopers had been a few minutes late, Lisa Jaeger might have died.

Lisa Jaeger had just given birth to her first child, but wasn't responding to her doctors. She'd had a massive hemorrhage and her life was slipping away.

She urgently needed blood, and in such situations hospitals turn to the Minnesota State Patrol to rush blood to imperiled patients. In this case, a blood bag had to be taken 45 miles from St. Paul to the Mayo Clinic in Red Wing.

Three troopers made the "blood run," but they weren't just saving anyone's life, they were saving the life of one of their colleagues.

Jaeger, a fleet vehicle manager with the Minnesota State Patrol, spoke on Thursday for the first time since her life was saved on May 18. After 36 hours of labor, doctors performed a caesarean section. But unexpected bleeding left her unresponsive.

Her first son, Ryan, and her husband, Brent, were rushed out of the room when it appeared there were complications.

Step forward troopers Jesse Einhorn, Jacob Letourneau and Dau Yang, who scrambled to bring a bag of blood to the hospital.

"I asked [my doctor] how critical was that blood run?" Jaeger said, "and she said they normally tell people that it takes about 45 minutes to get that blood from St. Paul down to Red Wing, and she said that probably would have been too long ... we were that close."

"I might not be here today if these three troopers had not brought me that blood," Jaeger added.

Trooper Letourneau also spoke at the news conference, and said that while they managed to make it to Red Wing earlier than expected, they always aim to be safe as well as quick when transporting blood.

The Star Tribune notes the state patrol has made 34 deliveries of blood, plasma and platelets in cases of emergencies so far this year.

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