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Step up your cocktail game with Tattersall's new recipe app

It's like having a bartender in your back pocket.

Want to impress your relatives with an artisan cocktail at the next get-together? There's an app for that – created by a Minneapolis distillery.

The folks at Tattersall Distillinglaunched an app on Thursday that makes mixology accessible to people of any skill level. They say it's like having your own personal bartender at your fingertips.

GoMN decided to check it out since it's free to download, though for now it's only available for iPhones. (They're working on getting Android and other versions up ASAP.)

Here's how it works

Tattersall says there are more than 300 cocktail recipes featured in the app.

When you first open it, you'll see featured recipes at the top, which include unique creations from Tattersall bartenders as well as riffs on classic cocktails.

Clicking on one will bring you to a list of ingredients needed and instructions on how to create the drink.

The coolest function though is definitely the cocktail generator, which asks "What are you in the mood to make?"

Users are directed to choose a spirit, a difficulty level, and an occasion. So for example, we chose gin, easy, and cabin. (Props to Tattersall for including the ultra-Minnesotan occasion.)

Then tap "Recommend a drink for me" and you get a list of suggestions.

If you see something you like, you can save it to your favorites.

There's also a "Barback" tab with loads of information on techniques (including how-to videos), a glossary of cocktail terms and ingredients (so you can look up what the heck Pommeau is), and recipes for DIY syrups, shrubs, and cordials.

“We built this app because we’d go do tastings in liquor stores,” Tattersall owner and founder Dan Oskey told Mpls.St.Paul Magazine, “and we realized we weren't surrounded by bartenders, so our language of ‘aquavit, amaro, Fernet’ was just something people didn't usually hear. No one would know the names we’re so used to, or what to do with it. But once they tasted it they’re like, 'It’s really good.'”

Tattersall's cocktail room is located at 1620 Central Ave. NE in Minneapolis. Check out the website here.

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