'Stranger Things' fans crash Minnesota Science Museum website

Demand for Dustin's hoodie is huge.

Stranger Things fans really, really want to get their hands on a Brontosaurus hoodie.

The Science Museum of Minnesota's website was under tremendous strain Tuesday morning when sales of the dinosaur-branded gear begin at 8 a.m.

The museum has scrambled to re-release the '80s era hoodie, t-shirts and sweatshirts after one of them appeared in the second season of Netflix hit Stranger Things, with the purple hoodie donned by the character Dustin.

Those struggling to get through the online purchase process were initially met with this error page telling users "this website is under heavy load (queue full)."

Pretty soon after, the following page began to appear.

Others were met with other error messages.

By 8:40 a.m. the website's online shop was inaccessible altogether, with users greeted with a "404 Not Found Error."

The Science Museum has told fans not to worry, as they have an "unlimited volume" of the Brontosaurus products available from their online shop.

"Due to high volume you may experience slow system response," the site added. "Please be patient as we do our best to serve you promptly."

Some were lucky enough to make it through, but others not so much.

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