Tiny pies, shaped like Minnesota ... and on a stick!


A baker in Duluth has whipped up some seriously cute Minnesota goodies – and they're even on a stick.

The mini strawberry rhubarb pies are the work of Sugar On Top Bakery in Duluth.

The owner and baker, Kristina Amys, created the treats for an upcoming wedding. She told BringMeTheNews she made the pies-on-a-stick using her homemade pie dough, and rhubarb freshly picked from the garden in her backyard.


She used a Minnesota-shaped cookie cutter to make 100 cutouts, yielding 50 mini pies.

And in the spirit of the state, they're served up on a stick.


Amys said she is a self-taught baker. She started Sugar On Top in 2009, when she was throwing a party for a friend and couldn't find someone to make a specific cake she had in mind.

"It just took off from there," Amys said.

Now she bakes all kinds of cakes, pies, cookies and more – and loves working on Minnesota-themed projects.


Check out more sugary creations from Sugar On Top Bakery on Facebook and Instagram.

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