Street style: What people are wearing to the State Fair

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You've got your trip to the Minnesota State Fair planned down to a science – you've compiled a list of the new foods you want to eat, memorized the map of all of the places to find craft beer, and scanned the free entertainment lineup.

But what are you going to wear?

BringMeTheNews dove into the crowd full of poop hats and fanny packs to find some unique and fun street style from the Great Minnesota Get-Together.

Fancy pants

Name: Rachel Crain
Age: 20
Where are you from? North Dakota
Describe your style in one word: Fancy

Just because you're tip-toeing through poop doesn't mean you shouldn't look your best. I spotted Rachel hanging out with her girlfriends in the Cattle Barn and liked her cute dress and boot combo – very cowgirl chic.

Pink hair don't care

Name: Joann "JJ" Johnson
Age: 68
Where are you from? Madison Lake
Describe your style in one word: Fun

Thursday is Seniors Day at the fair, and JJ is living proof that you're only as old as you feel. I was immediately drawn to her bright pink hair and charismatic personality.

Dressed to impress

Name: Carl Laney
Age: 31
Where are you from? Cook, MN
What's your favorite thing at the fair? Bacon on a stick

The reason I stopped Carl is obvious – who doesn't love a man in uniform? Hopefully he doesn't spill anything on those bright whites while eating the delicious fair food.


Names: Julie and Mike George
Where are you from? Arden Hills
Describe your style in one word: Comfortable

From the moment I walked in the gates, I was on the lookout for couples in matching get-ups. Though I didn't find the "I'm with stupid" t-shirts I was hoping for, I admired the mushiness of these two love birds.

State Fair and literal chill

Name: Zachary Rabideaux
Age: 19
Where are you from? Burnsville
Describe your style in one word: Hippy

Sure, you want to wear stretchy pants to the fair, but over 100,000 people might see you. Zachary managed to pull off the comfy look while still maintaining his personal style, so I'll let him get away with the socks and sandals.

Costume or real life?

Name: Captain Barret
Where are you from: The sea.
What's your favorite thing at the fair? All of the good food.
Describe your style in one word: Arrrggghhh.

This guy would not break character, and I love him for that. Where else can you enjoy ice cream while conversing with pirates?

Wrapping up

Much like the fair, I could've spent all day looking for cool stuff and never seen it all.

But it turns out I'm not the only one interested in what people are wearing to the fair – check out this blog T-Shirts of the Minnesota State Fair.

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