Suburbs, Replacements top local critics' year-end music lists


The comebacks of two Minnesota music favorites in 2013 apparently meant a lot to a group of local journalists when it came to deciding the year's best.

The Star Tribune reports that The Suburbs' song "Turn the Radio On" was voted the No. 1 Local Song of 2013 by the Twin Cities Critics Tally (TCCT).

The tune was from the Suburbs' album “Si Sauvage," the group's first new release in 27 years. The group embarked on a Kickstarter campaign this summer to raise enough money to fund the new album.

The TCCT also voted The Replacements No. 1 on its list of Best Local Live Acts, even though the Minneapolis group didn't play any local venues.

Instead, The Replacements only played an unexpected set of reunion gigs at RiotFest concert events in Toronto, Chicago and Denver in August and September.

The group reunited 22 years after quietly disappearing from the music scene after a July 4, 1991 concert in Chicago.

The TCCT is made up of entertainment journalists from the Star Tribune, the Pioneer Press, MinnPost, City Pages and various other local publications and radio stations.

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