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Summit's new High Sticke beer pays tribute to all of Minnesota's hockey players

The limited-release beer (which has a great name) will be available starting next week.

Summit's got a new beer just in time for hockey season, and the name is pretty fitting. 

Summit High Sticke Alt (yes, that spelling was intentional – more on this below) is a German-style altbier. 

It's copper in color, with flavors of toast, caramel, biscuit and hops. The beer was cold conditioned, so it's crisp and refreshing – perfect for when you get into the warming house after dangling on the pond, Summit explains. 

And this limited-release beer will sure help keep you warm – it's 7.5 percent alcohol, which is stronger than typical altbiers. 

Summit sent us a sample of it, so obviously we tried it. Here's what we thought (for details on how we rate the beers we try, click here).

High Sticke Alt will be available in Summit's taproom starting Oct. 19. Then later this month it'll be on draft and sold in 12-ounce bottles inside the Summit Penalty Box variety pack, along with Extra Pale Ale, Horizon Red IPA, and Winter Ale. 

What's an altbier? 

Altbier is a style from Germany's Dusseldorf area, with altbiers typically tasting clean, crisp and flavorful with a dry finish, according to the Brewers Association style guide

"Alt" literally means "old" in German, Summit says, noting it refers to how the beer is fermented.

“Before our Oktoberfest was created, a traditional altbier was Summit��s fall seasonal. This iteration, with its significant spicy and floral hop notes, will offer remarkable drinkability and smoothness from a longer period of cold maturation," head brewer Damian McConn said in the news release

Now let's get to that spelling of the word "stick." Summit says "sticke" is a German word for secret, adding "it's a nod to the special-occasion seasonal beers brewers would make ... for themselves and their favorite customers." 

Plus, according to American Craft Beer, sticke altbiers tend to have higher alcohol than their alt teammates – so the punny name does have a meaning, and not just a weird spelling. 

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