Superior's 'Iceman' is looking for a protege to continue his work

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Roger “Iceman” Hanson, known for his large ice sculptures in Superior, is asking if anyone is interested in replacing him, he said in a Facebook post.

"I am getting too old to continue this endeavor and I do not want to see this art form disappear forever," Hanson said in the post, adding that it is perfect for someone looking for a "great adventure of a lifetime."

Job requirements

In the post, Hanson asked for someone with mechanical and electrical ability and a familiarity with computers and electronics.

While he noted that the condition are "enormously unbearable," the tradeoff, he said, was the notoriety, attention, and adventure is "something out of this world."

Hanson will work closely with his replacement and teach them everything he knows about ice sculpting.

Hanson, 65, is a self-taught software, mechanical and electrical engineer. He uses software to control a watering system that slowly builds the tower throughout the winter, and this year Hanson added a second spray tower to help with the project, the city notes. (Read more about his process here.)

Impact on the city

This come even as Superior Mayor Bruce Hagen recommended to the City Council they pay for another ice sculpture due to the exposure and tourism.

Throngs of people follow both the construction and destruction of his sculptures, and his sculpture, in tandem with a fireworks show, is the major draw in the Lake Superior Ice Festival, held the last week of February.

Last year’s project cost the city of Superior about $32,444, but generated more than $300,000 worth of unpaid publicity for the region, the Superior Telegram reported, which deemed it a success.

This year Hanson once again attempted to break the Guinness World Record for the tallest ice sculpture in the world (held by a dinosaur shaped ice sculpture in Yichun City, in Yichun, China, in 2010) when the fifth tier of his castle collapsed due to rain and 42-degree weather.

On Feb. 19 he posted the collapse on Facebook.

Warm weather caused his world record attempt to collapse last year, too – right before the opening day of the festival. But video of that collapse went viral and gave Hanson an international fan base.

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