Surly Darkness Day is moving ... to Wisconsin

The Minnesota brewery is crossing the border to expand the event.
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Surly Darkness Day will not be held in Minnesota this year.

The news was announced by Surly on Friday, which said the event has become so popular it's been forced to find a new venue.

That venue is the Somerset Amphitheater in Somerset, Wisconsin, which will host this year's Surly Darkness Day on Saturday, Sept. 29.

The annual booze and music festival marking the release of Surly's limited edition Darkness – a Russian Imperial Stout – has become a huge draw for visitors to its Brooklyn Center brewery, with numbers topping 5,000 in recent years.


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It's grown so popular that Surly has now ran out of room, and Somerset was the closest location it could find that satisfies all its needs.

On its website, Surly explains it needed a place that allows it to sell Darkness bottles outside, permits "live, loud music," have plenty of campground space, and allow it to expand the event.

Those who plan on attending will need to get their tickets in advance, which will allow them to camp overnight on Friday and/or Saturday night.

Surly says this was the best way to "maintain the phenomenal bottle share/cookout/bonfire scene that has sprung up around Darkness Day and still be vaguely responsible," adding, "This must be what growing up feels like."

You'll only be able to buy Darkness bottles on the Saturday ahead of its official release on Oct. 31.

Ticket costs will be revealed in June, while the musical lineup will follow in the summer.

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