Survey reveals that the average American starts swearing around 11 a.m.

This could go down as the dumbest survey of all time.
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There's a stupid study for almost everything, and this one has got to rank up there among the dumbest of them all. 

But what the hell, it's about swear words so we're going to give it its due. 

The New York Post released a study from 9Round Fitness, which says the average American starts slinging profanity by 10:54 a.m. each day. 

It only comes from 2,000 participants (which is enough to be considered a legit study, apparently) so we'd wager that 10:54 a.m. is about 2-3 hours later than reality. 

Think about it, bad traffic equals an immediate F-word. A stoplight taking too long to change is a quick "come on you son of a b****."

Or how about the screaming $%#@ you let out when you wake up and realize you've slept through your alarm.  

Anyway, the study claims there are 10 top stressors that cause us to use naughty words. 

  1. Financial worry
  2. Not enough sleep
  3. Health issues
  4. Work
  5. Significant other
  6. Kids
  7. Home life
  8. Family responsibilities
  9. The news
  10. Politics

Either this study is completely bogus or we're hanging out with the wrong people. 

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