Take me out to the Cat Video Fest: Popular show moving to new Saints stadium


They will be calling "Here, kitty, kitty!" in downtown St. Paul this summer.

The Pioneer Press reports the weirdly world famous Internet Cat Video Festival, sponsored by the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, will delight feline fans at CHS Field, the new St. Paul Saints Stadium. The event is planned for the evening of Aug. 12. Tickets go on sale June 2.

This will be the fourth year for the show. WCCO notes the festival started in 2012 as "something of a lark," but it became so popular that it grew into a highly anticipated summer event, drawing huge crowds and spawning international tours.


The Star Tribune reports CHS Field has 7,000 seats but a capacity of 13,000 when people are seated on the field.

The museum's website, Walkerart.org, offers a history on the Cat Video Festival phenomenon.

It notes that in August 2012, the Walker "planned a small experiment as part of its outdoor summer programming."

The show was covered by the international press and more than 10,000 fans attended the first Internet Cat Video Festival. Subsequent events were staged at the Minnesota State Fair Grand Stand before returning to the Walker’s Open Field last summer.

The Saints open their season at the $63 million regional ballpark in St. Paul's Lowertown neighborhood in May.

BallParkDigest reported the Saints team on Thursday announced a Founding Partner deal with SPIRE Credit Union, which has been a key sponsor at Midway Stadium.


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