Tangled up in green: Drive to raise cash for Dylan statue flagging


A fundraising effort aimed at collecting $159,000 to create a 12-foot bronze statue of Bob Dylan for his hometown of Duluth has fallen way short of it goal, MPR reports.

Cohasset artist Tom Page in June initiated an online fundraising drive on the site Kickstarter. He created a smaller version of the statue, which shows a guitar-playing Dylan with his coat emblazoned with lyrics and "blowing in the wind," MPR notes.

But two months into the project, only $15,425 has been raised. Cohasset has spent about 18 months and some of his own money on the project, and he tells MPR he has a plan B, but he's not ready to discuss it yet.

The City of Duluth has committed to finding a place for the statue if it is ever completed. Here's Mayor Don Ness' endorsement:

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