Your Target list: toilet paper, Tide, toothpaste...and now, stream a movie

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Target Ticket, the Minnesota retailer's new digital video service, is opening its virtual box office.

CNet reports that the new service allows customers to buy or rent movies and television shows, chosing from 30,000 titles. Videos can be streamed online or downloaded to watch offline. The options include new film releases and next-day TV shows. Target will also offer exclusive content like behind-the-scenes extras.

Target Ticket officers free sign up and no subscription fee. It lets parents customize profiles to filter according to "age-appropriateness; level of violence; profanity; MPAA and TV Parental Guidelines." The company has partnered with Common Sense Media to provide reviews.

In a review of Target Ticket, TheNextWeb called it "...a competent entry, but lacking any standout features that would give it an edge in an already crowded market." The review noted the selection is good and prices are comparable to those found at Amazon and Walmart.

The Business Journal reports Target is also launching a pilot program to address a different kind of, er, streaming. It's a diaper delivery program for new parents. The program lets shoppers sign up to have formula and 150 other baby care items to have them delivered in regular installments every four to 12 weeks.

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