Tasty endorsement: Fridley confectioner highlighted in Oprah Winfrey's magazine

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Some gluten-free treats made by a Fridley confectioner have caught the attention of Oprah Winfrey's O Magazine, WCCO-TV reports.

Lily Bloom's Kitchen's paparoons are featured in "The O List: 13 Things We Think Are Just Delicious" in O's August issue.

"Thanks to flavors like key lime and blueberry, these white- and dark-chocolate-coated coconut macaroons on a stick are some of the very best gluten-free treats out there," the magazine raves.

The company -- which specializes in gluten-free products -- sells 16 flavors of macaroons, seven flavors of poparoons, cookies, truffles and bread pudding.

Lily Bloom's Kitchen was started four years ago by the Bloom's son, Larry Shiller, after his mother died. Among the things she left behind was her 70-year-old macaroon recipe, so Shiller told WCCO that the best way "to honor her memory was to bring her macaroon to market."

Commenting that a lot of gluten-free foods "don't have a lot of flavor," Shiller told the station that he makes his product different by using all natural flavorings and colorings.

"I like to say, it's almost a health food," Shiller said.

See WCCO's story on Lily Bloom's Kitchen below.



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