Tasty thoughts: Andrew Zimmern shares year's top 10 food trends

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Twin Cities-based chef and "Bizarre Foods" host Andrew Zimmern is sharing the top 10 trends in the food world for 2013 with People.

Among the trends Zimmern likes is a rise in the popularity of Filipino food. He also says he loves fried eggs on everything.

Just because certain foods make the list, it doesn't mean Zimmern has to love them, or even like them. He calls out the fleeting fame of ramen burgers, where ramen noodles are shaped like a bun to hold whatever food people want to devour.

"Who wants a noodle bun? It’s a terrible gimmick," Zimmern writes.

No. 1 on Zimmern's list is "the cronut," which Zimmern says New York City chef Dominique Ansel has perfected.

The cronut is described on Ansel's website as a "croissant-doughnut hybrid."

Zimmern isn't alone in his praise of the cronut. Time also named the pastry one of "The Best 25 Inventions of the Year 2013."

Illustrating the mania surrounding the Ansel's cronut, Time said customers have waited for hours for a taste of one, and "scalpers were even hawking the $5 treats for up to $40."

In addition to food items on his top 10 list, Zimmern is praising the Twin Cities restaurant Punch Pizza for hiring new employees at a living wage of $10 per hour.

"This kind of investing in people is a smart trend that creates a more vibrant economy," Zimmern writes.

Zimmern, 52, was honored with a prestigious James Beard Award in May for Outstanding Personality/Host for his work on the Travel Channel series "Bizarre Foods America."

The show is produced by Minnesota-based Tremendous! Entertainment, which has offices in Eden Prairie and North Hollywood, California. The TV production company is run by former Twin Cities news anchor Colleen Needles Steward.

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