Tax Day sucks, so Ely has decided to rename it

It's done with the April Fool's gags, now it's focusing on Tax Day.
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It's that time of year when a portion of the population frantically files their taxes last-minute, as early filers look on with a smug sense of satisfaction.

Nobody likes Tax Day, so one enterprising Minnesota city has decided to do something about it.

That's why this Tuesday is known as Today's Another Xciting Day (Tax Day, obviously) in Ely.

It's the latest branding stunt the city is pulling after enjoying a decade of generating headlines with its innovative April Fool's Day gags.

It decided to end that this year (after arguably hitting its peak in 2017 with its canoe-share idea: Canoeber) and set their sights on another day they could lay claim to.

"Rather than complaining about a day when we send a big chunk of our hard-earned money to the government, we thought we could turn that frown upside down, to borrow a popular phrase,” said Ginny Nelson, President of the Ely Area Tourism Bureau, in a press release.

"We thought if we could re-name the day, it could be a great springboard to launch our summer tourism efforts."

"Today's Another Xciting Day" will be a celebration of "all that Ely has to offer," with locals urged to get involved with lawn signs placed throughout the city, which is also reaching out to potential visitors via a one-day radio blitz in the Twin Cities 

This is just the first of many years it's planning to celebrate Tax Day, with the City of Ely saying that future efforts will hopefully include "some of the silliness" associated with its April Fool's campaigns.

“After our success putting Ely on the map with April Fool’s jokes,” said Ely mayor Chuck Novak in a press release, “We were looking for another calendar challenge.”

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