Thanks, technology! Skip the Super Bowl, just watch the ads this Sunday

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Let's face it: there are plenty of reasons not to watch the Super Bowl.

Maybe your team didn't make it this year (as is the case here in Minnesota, as if you needed a reminder). Or perhaps you just don't like sports. No matter who you are, though, there's always at least one reason you absolutely must watch the game: the ads.

Dish Network is inviting you to do that – and only that – the day after the game, with a feature normally used for skipping over commercials, according to a release from the satellite TV provider.

DISH says its AutoHop service on its HD DVR can be used in reverse, allowing customers to skip over the game right to the ads.

Because ad space during the Super Bowl is at an astronomically high premium – a 30-second spot costs $4.5 million this year, writes Newsday – companies have made a tradition of rolling out their best work for the big game day.

Whether or not it's always a good investment for advertisers is a matter of some debate, but the race to grab viewers' attention, and dollars, has made for some good televised entertainment over the years.

Reveling in nostalgia for these 30-second masterpieces, USA Today Sports has a list of what it declares the 10 best Super Bowl commercials of all time.

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