Thanks YouTube! Check out the full 1988 documentary The Minneapolis Sound

The Minneapolis Sound documents ... the Minneapolis sound that rose up in the 1980s.

Update: The video has since been "blocked on copyright grounds," as it contains content owned by Warner Music Group.

The original story from Jan. 18 is below.

Have you ever been curious what people thought about Prince, The Replacements, and other '80s Minneapolis musicians – back when it actually was the '80s?

An hour-long documentary called The Minneapolis Sound, which chronicles the city's rise in the music scene during that time, was uploaded in full to YouTube a few days ago (h/t The Current).

It originally aired in 1988 on KTCA (which is now the local TPT PBS station) and was produced by documentarian Emily Goldberg.

It kicks off with people not from Minnesota talking about their perception of Minneapolis (which is in and of itself pretty enjoyable), then shifts to the music. It features Prince, The Time, The Replacements, Husker Du, The Jets, and more.

Critics from Billboard and the New York Times also weigh in, with music producers and record label people also involved.

Here's the video:

Here's a review of the documentary, published by the LA Times in 1989. They call it "informative and funny," even though it was a bit outdated even then.

"Goldberg sets off in search of a Prince interview, only to be thwarted where others have been thwarted before," the review says. So she instead goes to other local related artists, before transitioning to the post-punk genre.

How long will it stay up on YouTube? Not sure. But its soundtrack includes actual tracks from real artists – so there's a decent chance a copyright takedown request comes in.

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