The 2017 New Year's resolutions people are tweeting about

Are you one of the people that made a New Year's resolution?

Is your 2017 New Year's resolution more of a ???? thing, a ???? thing, or a ???? thing?

Twitter Friday put out its list of the top 10 2017 resolutions, based solely on tweets.

Here's the list:

Four of them are tied to a person's own physical health and well-being. Though Minnesotans are already pretty good at that.

Others involve money issues, or helping others. (Here's to hoping the "Be nicer/kinder" resolution is coming from Twitter trolls.)

Reading more is the first non-physical health thing on the list – which makes sense, considering a quarter of us hadn't read a book in any format recently. Sites like GoodReads that let you set goals and track all the books you read might be helpful there.

And not to discourage you, but keeping resolutions is pretty rare. Statistic Brain did a short survey and found about 72 percent of us keep resolutions through a week. Though it dips to less than half when you stretch it to six months out.

Forbes earlier found just 8 percent of people actually achieve their resolution.

Our resolutions

We were curious whether our co-workers were hoping to make life changes in 2017. So we went around and asked them:

Happy New Year!

Happy 2017! Set any New Year's resolutions?

Posted by GoNews on Sunday, January 1, 2017

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