We asked for the best MN State Fair drinks – here's what you said

From haunted lemonade to kombucha to Grain Belt Blu, everyone's got a favorite.

This story is part of our 2017 Minnesota State Fair Music, Food & Beer Guide.

We asked the GoMN Facebook audience how they like to refresh themselves during the Minnesota State Fair. 

Turns out, 100-plus comments later, there are lots of people who drink the same beverages. Root beer and lemonade got a lot of love, and so did some other beverage that's best enjoyed cold.


Hey, nothing refreshes better, right?

And the price is right. Culligan Water Conditioning is at the northwest corner of Dan Patch Ave. and Cosgrove St. right by the fair's Snelling Avenue entrance. 


Ah, the State Fair classic, only $2. Read more about it here.


Yes, fermented, flavorful goodness is at the State Fair.

Turns out the Produce Exchange has a huge menu of kombucha (guava, lemon, or lychee), fresh-squeezed juices, Arnold Palmers (lemonade and iced tea), and lots more. Find it at the northwest corner of Carnes Ave. and Underwood St.


Root beer was the second-most popular beverage among our readers, and one brand kept coming up again and again.

A recommendation: Get the 1919 Root Beer float. The 1919 booth is at the corner of Dan Patch Ave. and Underwood St. outside The Garden.

And others have (evasively) discussed another Food Building spot for $1(!) refills, but you might have to poke around near Mouth Trap Cheese Curds to find it.


Fresh-squeezed lemonade is a must for a lot of you. And location matters.

Seems like these last two are talking about the Lemonade and Shrimp Cocktail stand – next to the scary stuff. Anyone know why this place is so great?


Yep. Nothing was more popular among the GoMN crowd than beer (and there are plenty of new, exclusive oddities to choose from this year). Especially that Grain Belt Blu. We got buzzed reading all of these suggestions.

Check out the entire thread and add your favorites here.

This story is part of our 2017 Minnesota State Fair Music, Food & Beer Guide.

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