The cat's meow; video festival draws world wide attention


Following its debut at the Minnesota State Fair last year, the Internet Cat Video Festival has grown across the country and beyond.

According to the Huffington Post, a video about the 2013 Internet Cat Video Festival hit YouTube on Tuesday.

The Walker Art Center in Minneapolis hosted that festival, now in its second year, at the Minnesota State Fair. The event, in August, drew 12,000 people. MSN reports, that organizers claim the event is "Our cat Woodstock."

Organizers produced a video to highlight the 2013 event.

The festival has even gone international now, as according to ABC News organizers have requested and received submissions from all over the world and are planning several more shows across the country, and even some internationally now.

Scott Stulen told ABC that many of the people who attend the festival dress up as cats, or their favorite cat characters, wear their favorite cat apparel, wear furry costumes, or even face paint.

Organizers hope to make next year an even bigger spectacle.

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